Paintings of Foodstuff and Wine

I’ve been getting paintings of food items stuff and wine to resell to eating areas. I make a top-quality profit carrying out this. I have a correct expertise for matching the portray of foods goods and wine to the cafe that ought to cling it in their having place. I have received about just a single hundred paintings so considerably and I have marketed in excess of eighty of them to cafe entrepreneurs.

I presented a portray of foods and wine to a martini bar that was opening up in a neighboring metropolis. I took a photo of the Michael Godard painting known as Pop Olive and took it straight to the operator in personal. He beloved the portray and hung it in his bar.

Wall art painting Services feel to be to resell the suitable of all of the food items and wine paintings that I acquire. There was one termed Olives Long long gone Wild that I bought to a martini bar on the East Coast. The cafe operator considered it was outstanding and appeared exciting.

I observed an excellent portray in the foodstuff and wine segment of a nearby studio. The portray was referred to as Chocolatey. I acquired the portray and have approached a couple of of sweet suppliers to obtain it. I haven’t gotten a taker, however, but I’m heading to keep earning an attempt.

There is a pie shop in my metropolis that I bought an very first oil painting of an outsized apple. There are typically a ton of foods things and wine paintings at the galleries I recurring. I appreciated the apple portray and also ordered a sunflower painting by the exact similar artist.

I obtained an acrylic portray from an artist in North Hollywood. His portray referred to as Enthusiasm Splash is categorized as a foodstuff and wine portray predominantly due to the fact the female in the painting is consuming crimson wine. I marketed it to a wine bar in Miami. Wall art painting Services was regrettable to see that large eyed lady go.

I purchased pretty a few foodstuff and wine paintings from him on that excursion. Just one particular of the paintings was entitled For a Excellent Cherry and I made a final decision to hold that one particular specific and dangle it in my eating room. The crimson in the portray is great and so great. I favored to display this foods and wine painting with a spotlight on it.

I was capable to resell a food items and wine portray to a fish retail store in New York Metropolis. The fish shop experienced an upscale clientele and they wanted to established some artwork on the partitions of the foyer. I positioned an to start with oil portray by Marie M. Vlasic of a lobster. It was these types of a good meals and wine portray and it appeared at dwelling in the fish shop.

There was a dessert shop proprietor in Denver that contacted me and asked for me to keep on to preserve an eye out for meals and wine paintings that showcased pears. She had made several pear recipes that finished up rapid getting to be her signature dishes and she chosen to tackle that with the artwork hanging in her institution.

I noticed a lovely oil on wooden meals and wine portray of four pears on a glass desk. Theme Wall Painting paints a new portray each person performing day. I commissioned him to make me 6 added paintings of pears and then I marketed all 7 to the dessert shop operator that skilled contacted me. She was thrilled with the components and invited me to cease by someday.

I have a mate that owns a regional beer joint. I quickly assumed of him when I was on a finding holiday for food and wine paintings. I observed an oil portray on stretched canvas that showcased a shut-up of an unopened bottle of beer. It was great for him. I bought it and it even now hangs at the conclude of his bar.

My minimal sister was redecorating her store and I situated a great key oil food items and wine portray. The artist’s matter was a significant spoon and strawberry jam. The piece appeared delectable! I gave it to her retail store and she hung it in the place that she sells gourmand jams.


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